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The Returning Student Application has closed. The application will reopen from October 1-31, 2020 in a new database. Please visit anokaramsey.edu/scholarships to locate the application link.

This scholarship application database is no longer in use. If you have received any emails directing you to this link, please disregard or delete those emails. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you!

These are a list of the Returning Student Scholarships currently available.

Below you will find a listing of scholarships available to ARCC students with brief information about the scholarship qualifications. You may click the *“Show Filter” *to search scholarships by campus. However, the online scholarship application matches you to the right scholarship. You may skip past this page and begin by signing in (blue button at the top right). If you have additional essays (found within the database, you may save and keep editing as often as you need and revisit this page to read up on the scholarship with the additional essay.

Both campuses of ARCC have two scholarship openings for returning students:

ARCC scholarships open April 1-30 and from October 1-31.

Apply to scholarships by first signing in (blue sign in button at top right) with your Star ID and password (the same user name and password) you use to access the campus login portal. If you are new to ARCC, you should be using the new student scholarship application. Please contact 763-433-1130 or Foundation@anokaramsey.edu for assistance in navigating to that database.

Apply to ARCC: http://www.anokaramsey.edu/admissions/steps-to-become-a-student/new-student/. If you are a new or prospective Anoka-Ramsey student, please apply here instead: https://arcc-atc-new-students.academicworks.com/

Please carefully review the student waiver before proceeding to sign in. This waiver shares information regarding your FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) rights as a student. Upon signing in, you will then have the opportunity to complete a general application and apply for specific scholarships that are best suited based on information provided by you and from ISRS (ARCC student record system). The purpose in having information from ISRS be provided will help accelerate the application process for you and ensure accuracy of information.

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